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Kickball: A Guide for a Surprisingly Effective Way to Meet People and Have Fun

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One common problem that people have after they leave college is that there’s no easy way to meet people if you can’t do it through the usual route of work, church or family. It might surprise you to learn that amateur sports like kickball provide an effective way for you to meet new people.

Pick the Right League Level of Competitiveness and/or Drunkenness

You’ll definitely want to ask around about a league before you commit to it because these leagues really can vary dramatically in how they work. For example, some of them are mostly just for fun. They will still go through the normal kickball game, of course. But, they may not really keep score at all, and it’s mostly about just having the experience together and meeting new people.

In fact, some of these groups actually even have agreements with local bars so that you’ll get discounts if you agree to all go there as a group afterward. This is at one side of a spectrum. On the other side are the highly competitive leagues where you run the risk of having everyone on your team glare at you if you can’t catch a ball that’s kicked at your chest at high speed.

If this is your first time playing kickball since grade school, in other words, you’re going to want to avoid the more competitive leagues. They likely won’t be fun for you anyway if you’re treating the whole thing lightly, and there may be friction with other members. There may be requirements or tryouts anyway, which is why it’s important to check and ask about all of this beforehand.

Stay Safe Around Strangers If You Go Out Afterwards

Just like what’s always the case, you need to make sure you’re careful about who you’re around if you’ve never met them before. Just because it’s kickball doesn’t mean that the rules of going to a bar or anywhere else after suddenly change. It’s good to stay in a group until you feel confident enough that you know the other people.

Play Way Back If You’re New

Especially if you’re playing in the outfield, it’s a lot easier to play run toward a ball being kicked in the air toward you than it is to try running it down while it’s sailing over your head. You’ll get the knack for doing it eventually if you keep at it, but this is a way that should make it easier.

Chances Are Good That There’s a League Near You

Make sure that you check all possibilities places before giving up on finding a Kickball league. For example, places you can find leagues include the following:

  • Meetup-You can just pop in search terms involving kickball or even just recreation sports into the engine there along with your zipcode. You might be seriously surprised what shows up there.
  • Reddit-You can find leagues and references to leagues both in the subreddit for your area and in other related subreddits. This could help connect you to other related organizations that you didn’t previously know about as well.
  • Other Places to Look-Obviously, social media like Facebook can be a good resource as well, but there are professional organizations out there like at Kickball.com, also known as the ClubWaka organization. Many local kickball organizations also exist such as the one for the Boston, MA region called BSSC. This is becoming a major serious movement and there really are chapters just about all over.

Don’t Forget to Stretch Even for Kickball

Even though kickball might seem as strenuous as other sports, it definitely can be. After all, if you’re trying to kick a ball as hard as you can and then run at top speed in a circle bases, this is going to be an issue if you aren’t loose. Plus, if you play in the outfield you could also be sprinting at full speed to try to dive and catch balls if the league you’re playing in happens to be serious enough.

If anything, this is even more of a recipe for messing up your muscles than some other sports where you will be getting going slower, or where you’ll be running basically the whole time. This is because you’ll be doing a lot of going from zero to a hundred and then going back to zero again when you sit on the sidelines during the time when you’re not “up,” or when you’re just standing in a field waiting for the ball to get to you.

This should include the regular jogger’s type stretches with one leg bent at the knee while sitting on the ground and stretching out with your hands, or the one where you grab the opposite foot while standing and gently stretch it. You don’t want to injure yourself playing a recreational sport that might impede your ability to do work when you go back in on the next weekday.

This is also why it’s important to consider getting accidental injury insurance if you plan on doing a lot of amateur sporting, or really, anything that’s strenuous. Some of these plans are quite inexpensive being under $10 a month, and they could really come in handy if you ever do injure yourself in a way that becomes an issue for anything that you have to do. That way, you can put your efforts towards getting better instead of worrying about the bills coming in.

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